Longcase un-Polished Brass Weight Case ONLY

Price: £66.20
79.44 inc VAT)
Longcase un-Polished Brass Weight Case ONLY

 Brass Case for Longcase clocks, supplied in an empty un-polished, state.  When filled, it will weigh 12lb (approx)

Product Description

Highly quality Brass weight case , ideal for early high quality 8 day longcase clocks. the weight shell is manufactured from a heavy brass tube, with the base formed into a radius then silver soldered into place. The weight is ready to have the lead core, cast into the shell, to give maximum density. The weight is assembled with a cap and cross drilled nut ready to fit the s hook, to suspend the weight from.

Outside Diameter 63.5mm
Total length of shell 177mm
Total length of shell including nut 197mm
When filled with lead this weight will way approximately 12lb (5.44kg)

Weight 0.6kg