John Wardle followed his father Ralph into the trade & trained at an established clock making firm in Ashbourne in the 1930s. After finishing his apprenticeship he volunteered for the army and fought in North Africa and Italy.

In 1946 he was de-mobbed and founded the firm 'John Wardles', repairing clocks, and building high quality one-off movements to order.While repairing clocks for a living, John noticed there was a market in supplying components to other repairers, and started to manufacture a small range of standard parts to local restorers. This range was built on and expanded over the next 48 years.

Brailsford Work Shop 2002

Second Generation

John sadly died in 1994, and the company was then taken over by his Grandson Steve  who had been working for the company for several years. In 2003 the business completed a much needed move, from the old, cramped workshop in Brailsford, to a modern 2300 square foot unit on the outskirts of Ashbourne.


New Ashbourne Works 2008.


John wardles is now one of the largest manufacturers of clock materials in the World.We produce thousands of components, in our own work shops, supplying material dealers, repairers and movement manufacturers around the globe.

We hold extensive stocks of standard materials, and are capable of manufacturing specials, or short runs of components due to our manufacturing back ground and our comprehensively equipped workshop.


New Ashbourne Machine Shop 2008.