Longcase Double-Ended Suspension

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Longcase Double-Ended Suspension

Longcase or Grandfather clock suspension used at the top of the pendulum which flexes allowing the pendulum to swing freely.  Fitted with a brass end at the top, which is riveted through the steel strip to retain it in the back cock. The opposite end is fitted with the bottom block. This is slotted  across the top to allow the suspension strip to locate inside, which is then held in place by a pin, which fixes both parts together. The bottom of this block is drilled and threaded to receive one end of the pendulum rod.

The rod screws into the bottom of the block and the suspension is slotted through the crutch and up
on to the back cock. The length of the crutch on antique clocks can vary meaning that the suspension may need shortening. The pin can be knocked out of the bottom block, a new hole in the strip punched or drilled and the block fixed back in place, centrally in the crutch.

The strip is manufactured from hardened and tempered high carbon spring steel strip which is manufactured in the UK. Please do not confuse these with the vast quantity of cheap low quality imported suspensions that are being brought into the country which are not made from the correct materials and fail very quickly. The suspension should last many years if treated with care when removing the movement.

Strip dimensions, 0.15mm x 6.27mm x 98mm long,
Block dimensions 3/8" x 3/16".
(9.47mm x 4.75mm) drilled and threaded 5BA .


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