Longcase Chain & Sprocket Set (Fixed Centres)

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Longcase Chain & Sprocket Set (Fixed Centres)
A common problem on many 30 hours clocks is worn or mismatched chain and sprockets which cause the chain to stick or jump on the sprocket making a loud bang inside the clock.
The 30 hour chain and sprocket set is a reliable and inexpensive way of solving the problem of worn or mismatched chain and sprockets.  This set is ideal if the centres which mount the sprocket set to the arbors are very worn and need totally replacing.

The set comes with the new centres attached to the sprockets.  These are pilot drilled 7mm allowing them to be broached to the taper of the original arbor.  The original cheeks can be refitted, pinned and riveted back on to the new sprocket and arbors.

Diameter of arbors is 12.70mm (1/2")

Bore of arbor 7.00mm

If the original centres are not usable please see our Longcase Chain & Sprocket Set without centres.
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