John Wardle Medium Synthetic Clock Oil

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John Wardle Medium Synthetic Clock Oil

John Wardle Clock Oiler Medium Viscosity (Synthetic Oil included)

John Wardle Clock Oiler Medium Viscosity (Oil included) Applications Larger French Clocks Mantle Clocks Long case 8 Day Clocks Longcase 30 Hour Clocks Fusee Wall Clocks Station / School Clocks Clock Oiler Our clock oiler is a very neat and convenient way to oil your clock, giving you precise control over how much oil is applied to each component of the clock, preventing over oiling, which attracts dust and actually accelerates the wear rate.

The oiler is fitted with a long micro bore steel tube, allowing you to oil the more difficult to access areas of the movement, and also prevent any spillage if the bottle is knocked over.

This oiler contains medium viscosity synthetic oil (Approx 25 cSt).

The synthetic oil is superior to the classic mineral clock oil in almost every way. It proves to be much more resistant to spreading, evaporation, and chemical degradation (oxidation) than the traditional mineral oil.

This means that our synthetic clock oil will remain in place around the oil sinks and bearing surfaces of the movement, long after a mineral oil has evaporated, or spread down the vertical surface of the plates.

Due the longer lifespan and other characteristics, the synthetic oil will help reduce friction, wear and corrosion on the critical moving parts of your clock, giving better lubrication for longer periods.

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