John Wardle Clock Oiler High Viscosity (Oil Included)

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John Wardle Clock Oiler High Viscosity (Oil Included)


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Our clock oiler is a very neat and convenient way to oil your clock, giving you precise control over how much oil is applied to each component of the clock, preventing over oiling, which attracts dust and actually accelerates the wear rate. The oiler is fitted with a long micro bore steel tube, allowing you to oil the more difficult to access areas of the movement, and also preventing any spillage if the bottle is knocked over.

This oiler contains heavy viscosity oil (Approx 40 cSt).

Oil Characteristics

Wardle’s Clock & Instrument Oil is a non-toxic, food grade lubricant suitable for use in a multitude of applications in the horological industry, as well as pharmaceutical and packaging and process industries where a non-staining, clear lubricant is deemed necessary. Wardle’s Clock & Instrument Oil protects against moisture commonly found in intricate working mechanisms and provides a high degree of internal corrosion protection. The base of Wardle’s Clock & Instrument Oil provides a high viscosity index thereby ensuring a wide operating temperature range. An outstanding feature of Wardle’s Clock & Instrument Oil is its low coefficient of friction, which ensures excellent lubricating properties thereby reducing wear rates in actuating components. Wardle’s Clock & Instrument Oil exhibits extremely low foaming characteristics, and reduces residue and scum build up thus extending lubrication intervals.

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