Curator Verdigris Solution 5lt

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Curator Verdigris Solution 5lt

Product Description

A cold patination treatment which imparts a blue/green patina (verdigris) to brass,
copper, bronze and gun metal. This replicates the patina which occurs naturally to
these metals due to atmospheric corrosive reaction.


Remove any metal lacquer using paint stripper first. Thoroughly remove and clean any
grease or oil, including fingerprints and wipe dry. Proper preparation of the surface is
essential. Dilute Verdigris Solution with 10 parts water, and either apply directly onto
the item using a cotton wool pad or brush, or immerse items for a minimum of 5 to 10
minutes in a suitable container. Withdraw the item from liquid and allow the solution to
dry on the surface. It is this drying phase that imparts the greening effect. The longer
the drying time, the better the effect. This treatment will produce a light green patina
which may be darkened and made more even by repeating the process, ensuring the
work is thoroughly dried between immersions.


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