500g Bluing Salts

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500g Bluing Salts

Used for bluing steel clock hands.  Supplied in crystal form, which is heated to make a liquid.  This liquid keeps the temperature of the hands even so that filigree hands blue evenly. 500gms Jar


Place crystals in a strong container that will stand frequent heating to high temperatures. Heat up the crystals, which will melt and form a liquid. Wire up the cleaned steel hand or other steel component with binding wire, so that it can be manoeuvred in and out of the liquid. Immerse the wired hand into the liquid, lifting it out from time to time to allow oxidation to take place. Please note that the bluing salts themselves do not blue the steel, but merely keep it at an even temperature, so that all thicknesses of steel, blue at the same time.

When the hand has reached the desired shade of blue, quench immediately in cold water. DO NOT on any account replace the hand back into the bluing liquid after it has been cooled in the water, as this will make the bluing salts spit furiously.

The liquid will set solid when cold, and this is reusable. Make sure that the liquid cannot be knocked over, as any accident would cause serious burns
We can no longer transport these products off the British mainland due to the rules of over-water transportation.
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