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Longcase Barrel BushesLongcase Barrel Bushes
Longcase Barrel Bushes, manufactured from yellow riveting Brass.These can be used on worn barrels or the large bearing holes in front plates of Longcase or modern mass produced clocks.
Countersunk Brass Wood ScrewsCountersunk Brass Wood Screws
Packs of 25.
Winding Arbor Bushes.Winding Arbor Bushes.
Large flush fitting tapered bushes, manufactured from yellow riviting brass for English Longcase & Bracket Clocks.
Longcase English Tapered BushesLongcase English Tapered Bushes
Longcase Tapered Bushes for antique clocks. Please click on the size you require.
Steel Cheese Head Machined ScrewsSteel Cheese Head Machined Screws
Quality machined screws ideal for antique clocks.
Universal Tapered Steel Clock PinsUniversal Tapered Steel Clock Pins
Universal Steel tapered clock Pins used on all types of antique clocks as fasteners to hold plates, shafts and hands in place. Our clock pins are extra long (32mm), manufactured in three overlapping sizes so you will always have the correct clock pin for the job in hand.