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Antiquing FluidsAntiquing Fluids
Four types of Antiquing fluid, to give various antiqued finishes on Steel, Casts iron and Copper alloys.
Horelex Rust RemoverHorelex Rust Remover
A free-flowing liquid preparation for removing rust from ferrous metals.
Protective Colour Fixing Oil (Jade Oil)Protective Colour Fixing Oil (Jade Oil)
Protective oil (Jade Oil) works in exactly the same way as the discontinued Jade oil. It displaces moisture from the surface of the metal leaving a thin residual film, which helps resist tarnish on bright metals and enhances the depth and color of the patina after using antiquing fluid.
Rusting SolutionRusting Solution
A cold patination treatment to speed up the rusting process on Steel and Iron.
Verdigris SolutionVerdigris Solution
A cold patination treatment which imparts a blue/green patina (verdigris) to Brass, Copper, Bronze and Gun Metal, replicating the patina which occurs naturaly over time, due to atmospheric corrosive reaction.